My Story to Own It

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I started Ownit Magazine to Own it! After a life-time of soul-searching, identifying with my mind and trying to get there - where-ever that may be - I must admit … I give up. No, not in the way you think. It’s different: I will no longer strive, chase or run after my success. I am letting go of the control. Just recently I recovered from a mental breakdown after realizing I am not what I am thinking. The moment I felt in control of my negative thoughts I was back in the saddle. All the power in me is already here. To let it out I needed to let go and get out of my own way. Do the things that align with who I am. It became clear to me that I am more of an introvert than an extravert, I should be nice to me first, I love my freedom and space too much to become a CEO locked away in an office, and my biggest gift is trendwatching and connecting with people. 

Almost two years ago I started Ownit Magazine to help women own their power. Now I see the only one that needed help was me - this makes me laugh;)) It forced me to step out of my comfort zone though and show some courage. I met and interviewed a lot of great women and a few co-writers joined me on my journey to make change. The vision was there all along, empowering women. To help them see who they really are – like I do myself - and to help them express their uniqueness in work, in creativity, in parenting. I want these conscious women to find a way to own who they are, to feel powerful, to be happy, to do meaningful work and make something happen, big or small. My intention was good, yet the energy back then was from a place of pushing, hurry and striving. 

Now I know I needed to learn how to work from a place that aligns with the person I am and work in a more feminine way, using my intuition, letting things come to me, all in a calm state of mind. I am still a work in progress, not fully owning all I do. One thing is sure though: the new Ownit is ME expressing ME and the Ownit app is my way to connect with you. So do connect with me.

Let Ownit be your guide to tap into your potential. Creating life, work and business with the power of your heart.