Share Your Story

Share your story of greatness, big or small in Ownit Magazine. It's important that you do for your story can lift another woman. We are all different people and the people that relate to me are different from the people that relate to you. Your story will inspire someone for sure. There is always someone in front of you and there are always some that are behind you. So it doesn't matter where you are on your journey, it is worth sharing.

Are you willing to take a leap of faith, to step up for you and someone else who is looking for that role-model, that person that has done it first. There are so many women waiting for a spark of inspiration, a bit of recognition or a gentle push to act. It's time to rise ladies and we have to help eachother. For only then we can make a difference. Do share your story of greatness, big or small, in Ownit Magazine. Let's just chat some time soon. I am only human and I am one of those women that needed to be seen, to see myself first. So don't hesitate and just take action. Do it quickly!

Warm regards,  Sietske Cuhfus, publisher Ownit Magazine