Ownit loves to have you as an advertiser in the magazine. Our subscribers are growing fast due to to a  great collaboration with Women Igniting Change and featuring well known women like Mel Robbins and Marie Forleo. While still growing our followers and subscribers, you can take advantage of a fairly low price now, but being exposed to a larger audience over the next few months. If we have a similar goal, we can figure out some deal based on a win-win situation. We think that's far more important than making a couple of dollars. Send an email to and Sietske Cuhfus (publisher) will get back to you within one day.

All requests for advertising will be reviewed and tested to our values: #trust #authenticity #harmony #sustainability and #truth and the context of the ad has to be relevant for women and the topics of the magazine (see contents of the magazine).

Editiorial calender 2017/2018
May 2017 - first edition theme Change with Mel Robbins
September - October 2017 - Issue Creativity with Dayna Young (not a celebrity)
November - December 2017 - Issue theme Entrepreneurship (planning to feature Marie Forleo)

January - February 2018 - Issue theme Money & Impact (planning to feature author Sacred Success, Barbara Stanny)
March - April 2018 - Issue theme Women & Leadership (Founder Women Igniting Change, Robbin Jorgensen)
May - June 2018 - Issue theme Consciousness & Spirituality (planning to feature Lisa Nichols)
July - August 2018 - Issue theme Parenting

After the summer break the concept of the magazine will probably change into a monthly magazine with less pages per issue. Covering at least one story about an extraordinary women who is leading the way to change and a woman in the spotlight. The final content concept will be developed in the next few months.  

October - Issue theme Social Entrepreneurship (yet unknown) 

November - Issue theme unknown

December - Issue theme unknown