Success is an inside job

By Sietske Cuhfus | Change & Consciousness

Nov 24

The vehicle I used to find me and my success

While creating my brand and business, I found my voice. My biggest challenge for success was changing my old way of thinking and the habits and beliefs that came with that.

Looking back at it now, it’s almost as if nothing has changed. I am still in my small office at home, sitting behind my computer a lot of the time and do work that involves writing, communicating, and creativity, as I used to do when I had my own small business. So “what’s the fuzz?” you may ask. Well, I changed from a reactive person, letting external circumstances and people define my emotions, into a more grounded person, trusting my own decisions and acting from the power that’s within me. Years ago, I started out as an affiliate for SFM/Digital Experts Academy, relying on it to be my vehicle to grow my own personal brand online further up the road. I had this vision for a conscious business-doing business from the heart-and market it in an honest way, being myself, no hype.

What I didn’t know back then is that I’d not yet reached the state of self-acceptance, so clearing out the old beliefs and patterns that blocked my success took me longer than expected. Things really started to change when I joined the daily Wake-Up Call of SFM/DEA, which brought me awareness around my behavior. The moment when I had to choose between presenting me and copying someone else, I chose me. That was the first breakthrough, followed by a couple of others, which led to the idea of expressing myself, my creativity, and ideas in a magazine. This way, I could do what I love, help people, and make a difference.
SFM/Digital Experts Academy has been my vehicle to find my own true value, to give value, and receive value as a result of owning it my way. Now I am living my life on my own terms, loving me, expressing my full potential and helping others to do the same.

“These two incredible guys, Jay and Stuart, cultivated a caring community in which I found the room to develop both my entrepreneurial mindset and my brand and business online.”

I found my own brand after three years of soul-searching, eliminating all unnecessary baggage, and expressing all my potential and creativity in my own unique way so that I could own it my way. So now I am ready to help other women to find their purpose, expressing their creativity uniquely and authentically, thus making a difference in the world. Ownit was created in May 2017-before that, I published Authenticity & Business. This is my own way to own it my way.

“Our main task in life is to give birth to ourselves, to become what we potentially are. The most important product of this effort is our own personality.” Erich Fromm
Know who you are; know what you want; know how to express it.

Waking up to another way

Women are waking up to the idea that there must be another way; to stay true to themselves and to be well paid, without selling their souls, surrendering their authenticity or sacrificing their value. (Book Barbara Stanny – Sacred Success.)

My story of holding back all of those years, not fully taking that leap of faith, is not solely my own fear. A lot of women feel this hesitation, and on the other side, they feel the emptiness and need for more. It seems to be our collective fear of power (engrained by centuries of diminishment and punishment) combined with our true inner calling to take back our power. It’s time to rise and use our feminine ability to connect, to collaborate, to love, to change the world.

I want to do my share for my children and other future generations, using my gift for featuring stories of people in an inspiring and authentic way, starting with my own story of empowerment, for I believe we will make a change by being more conscious of ourselves. Here ( you’ll find my interview with Dan Holloway and Steve Herbert, two of my mastermind and community buddies.)

I am building my brand, You Own It Your Way, as we speak, offering Ownit Magazine for free and a 15-minute Power Meeting to give women direction, giving away my personal resources and tips to start your own business with love, covered in a business guide.

– Did you know that women build self-esteem through relationships, and they consider power as a means to an end; while men build self-esteem through achievement, and power is the goal?

Top 3 reasons for philanthropy for women:
– make a difference
– pass on the family tradition
– give back to the community



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