True Success? What is it?

By Sietske Cuhfus | Empowerment & Leadership

Sep 05

True Success? It’s Not What We Think it is

Success! We all want it. But what is it actually? Is it the money, the big house, the expensive car, the trips to exotic countries or the status, so people will look up to us and we feel important? The definition of success needs to be updated so your life can be upgraded. Being successful should not refer solely to the work you do, the power you have or the money you make. It can be so much more when you look at it from a different perspective. As Vishen Lakhiani from emphasizes the difference between ‘means-goals’ and ‘end-goals.’ In the old definition of success, we are striving for means-goals, like for instance getting that desired position at work or getting married, taking a luxurious vacation or buying a speedboat you’ve always dreamt about.

You’ll be obsessed to get all these assets for you think that you’ll need to reach these goals first to become a happy person.

Standing on the Moon, Looking at Your Life

What if you could look at it from a distance, standing on the moon, looking down on your birthplace, Earth, and think of all the experiences you would like to have in this lifetime? What would truly make you happy? What is it that matters to you most? What experiences would you like to have? What lifestyle would you prefer? What people do you want to surround yourself with? What new skills will make you happy? What difference would you like to make? By doing what? Success, in this case, is about living a fulfilled and happy life in the now. Working on your goals makes you happy instantly for you are living your dream already, and money comes as the by-product of your successful life.

Simon Sinek is described as “a visionary thinker with a rare intellect.” He developed a model called the Golden Triangle in which he explains the importance of passion and purpose in business, by starting to question why you do what you do (

Give attention: A Simple Solution to a Big Problem

Give your full undivided attention and love to people around you.

In the video below, Simon Sinek says this: Do you know why 90% of the people don’t feel fulfilled by the work they do? It is because we sit in our cubes and we work. We don’t help each other out anymore. As humans, we are social animals. We need to feel we belong, and we all crave for attention. It makes us feel we matter. I bet the teacher you liked the most at school was the one that gave you his or her personal attention, right?

Fulfillment | from Electrik on Vimeo.

“Do something for someone else and expect nothing in return. Generosity is designed to make you feel good. When we are in groups, and when we are surrounded by people who believe what we believe, trust emerges, and our very survival and progress goes up. Make it about them, not about you. The fact of the matter is that 100% of customers are people, 100% of clients are people, 100% of employees are people. If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business (or life for that matter). We are human beings, and our survival depends on how we form trusting relationships.
So what are you doing to help the person next to you? Don’t you want to wake up and go to work for the only reason to do something good for someone else? Wouldn’t you want them to do that for you?” (Simon’s words in video)

In Henry Ford’s words, “Do more for the world than the world does for you—that is success.”


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