Digital Business – A New Business Model for Women

By Sietske Cuhfus | Work & Entrepreneurship

Sep 05

Digital business gives birth to a new business model in which we can use our feminine qualities.

How would you like to start an online business in which you’ll use your natural qualities and do what you love? This kind of business is about giving first, adding value; building trust, caring for others; being honest and transparent; and helping others.

“Hey, I made this, wanna buy it?” Those days are over. The new digital economy has added a new dimension to our world, which is, in fact, also the oldest way of doing business: CONNECTION. Human connection. Building networks of people around you and your brand, connecting, building trust through content, growing relationships, and bringing value to your followers.

As women, we are wired for connection, communication, and caring for those around us. So starting a business or reputation online is the smartest move to make in an economy that is shifting to digital. On top of that, 90% of all sales is already made through peers’ recommendations because people trust their friends’ opinions, or people they like, over those of large enterprises with their pushy marketing tactics.

Opportunities are there for employees to finally start a venture of their own or for small business owners and freelancers to grow their business online. Hate marketing? You can no longer permit yourself to dislike it because it’s the lifeblood of any business. You’ll have to make your message or product visible. The beauty is you no longer have to do it in a pushy way. The so-called ‘modern marketing’ serial entrepreneur Marie Forleo is talking about revolves around you, your integrity, honesty, transparency, and willingness to help others.

My favourite author Simon Sinek says: “The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.” So it’s not about pushing and selling, it’s about attracting the right people and giving them what they need. First, you have to know who you are and what value you can create for others. Know your values and your beliefs. Get to the core of what drives you internally.

Your deeper motivation is never money or power. It’s that spot that will bring you fulfilment as a human being by doing something for others. So to be successful, you need to bring yourself and your heart into business to create something of value. Express yourself, be who you are, and grow your tribe. You are special. Find your value to create value for others.

bring yourself and your heart into business to create something of value

Sietske Cuhfus, publisher Ownit Magazine

You’ll only attract the people that like you. You need to know your audience and interact with them. It’s your turn to connect, build, and nurture your relationships. You need to be a leader and take responsibility for their well-being. It is your task to be open, to be vulnerable, to be an example, to be brave.

Create a safe place for your followers to gather. There is this connective belief, drive, passion, goal or else that made people want to join your tribe in the first place. It gives us, humans, a sense of belonging. We all want that. Being the leader of a tribe, you foremost task is to be there and present to others, that what you’ve been given. Everyone can become a leader. You just need to say “YES” and do it. Starting online is, therefore, a journey to yourself and learning how to market yourself and your value/gift online.

Starting an online business gives you the possibility to work flexible hours, create a more balanced lifestyle with kids or travel around the world, with only a laptop and smartphone as your two most essential tools. The world is your office, and the internet, social media, apps, and technology help you spread your message in a staggering pace, with low cost and overhead.

Starting a business has never been easier. This is such an empowering time for us. Especially for those of you who feel this potential inside. We can pick ourselves. We can write if we want to write. We can sing if we want to sing. We can teach yoga or fitness if that’s what we’re passionate about. Or start coaching. Find the thing you love, show it to the world, share it with the world, and build a tribe and business around this. You don’t need high investments or overhead. You don’t need to be tech-savvy. You can even start while still having a job.

There are a lot of programs out there to help you start your business, such as Marie Forleo’s
B-School, SFM/Digital Experts Academy, and Neil Patel’s marketing course. They are all doing an amazing job in providing great value to bring your gift to the world.


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