Change Your Ways

By Sietske Cuhfus | Change & Consciousness

Sep 05

There has never been a time in history when opportunities are available to all of us. In the old days, you needed the permission from so-called ‘authorities.’ Those days are over. The internet makes it possible for all of us to reach people all over the world who may like our work (or not) and/or buy from us (or not).

What’s holding you back?

Doing something that matters you know it will fulfil you. But what’s holding you back? Is it the change; taking full responsibility for something whose outcome is unknown? For it will work out or it might not. People who succeed can live with both thoughts at the same time, either it might or might not work out. Making change happen by stepping into the spotlight, where you risk to be ridiculed by people, where you may not get the reassurance you’d like and where you will have to take one step after another in the mist. It’s daunting, but it’s absolutely worth it. The connection with the people whose li you will touch or change matter. It matters to them.

1. It’s your turn

Now is your time. You are a woman with freedom of speech. You don’t need authorities to tell you what to do. You have the world at your fingertips. The web and social media have made it possible to reach people who may like your work. You just need to do it. So don’t wait to be picked. Pick yourself.

2. Stop looking for permission

Permission is futile for there will never be enough reassurance for you to get something done because it’s your idea.

3. Accept you’re enough

An epidemic disease that is affecting humanity is the ‘I am not enough’ disease. Underneath this feeling is this deeper longing to be loved. We all want to be loved. In our childhood, we develop ways to get it, which are mostly distorted and unrealistic. Accept that you are enough. You were born this beautiful being, perfectly imperfect. Watch the video of Marisa Peer: “The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity: I’m Not Enough.”

4. Go and do it

Taking action is a critical step to manifest any idea. No action, no realization. It will stay there forever eating away your confidence. Just give yourself permission to fail. To give it all you’ve got. That’s the only way to find out. If it works out, it will grow your self-confidence and trust. If it doesn’t work out this time, you’ll give yourself a pad on the back for trying and wait for another idea to commit to. If you keep on going, pursue, never give up, you will get there. Or rather, you are there because the process is everything. Take the first step, then another, and another…

5. Lean on women

Ingrained in our biology is this need for connection for if we are left by the tribe, we’ll be lost (that’s an ancient part of our brain ensuring our survival). On top of that, women’s voices have been silenced in the last few centuries. We’ve been brought up with stories on how we are being saved by that prince on a white horse. We need to empower ourselves, believe in what we have to say, and encourage our sisters to stand up and rise. Have the courage to speak up, to do something despite the risk of being abandoned by your tribe. It will absolutely grow your confidence. Find like-minded people to stand beside you, get yourself a mentor, create or join groups or trustworthy communities, create masterminds to talk and stretch your comfort zone. Take a look at


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