Ownit Magazine Introduction #1

By Sietske Cuhfus | Ownit General

Aug 30

Hi there you beautiful lady,

I’m welcoming you to this first edition of Ownit Magazine, an online magazine for the free minded and spiritually conscious woman, who feels a deep longing for living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

My name is Sietske Cuhfus, I am 48 years old, born and raised in the Netherlands and mother of two boys, Joris 13 and Sjoerd 10, and married to my loving husband Gene. This magazine is my way of owning it, finally, because I never did so throughout my entire life. I worked hard. I liked my job and small business in marketing and communications, but nothing filled me up completely. Why? I did not let myself. I felt I had to do better all the time. I had this crazy drive to explore new things, always feeling behind, but in fact being ahead of the crowd. I now realize that I never felt good enough about myself. Constantly overcompensating and not owning it. So I’ve created this magazine Ownit to give you the insights that brought me clarity on my own value. It build my confidence and I finally found my voice and dare to ownit now. I am using my creativity, writing skills and foresight view to bring you value. For I think to really have a fulfilling life you need to find your own value first and then share your gift with others.

Find your value, to bring value and to receive value. It’s the circle of life. Let me give you that little push to step into your power, to let yourself be great. Start your own journey of owning it. I know you can, because I did it and I was my worst own critic. Enjoy the magazine. I’d love to hear what you think on page 66 in edition 1. Fill me in, ask questions or tell your story of owning it in the magazine, like Ashley and Rasheeda did.

Ownit magazine empowers women globally by giving them valuable content and role models to grow their awareness and confidence, stimulating work, (social) entrepreneurship, creativity, sustainability and the development of personal power and leadership in a fun and modern way. I’m offering the magazine for free for I want access for all. Therefore I am using affiliate links for some of my favourite companies and products/services and earn a commission when you buy, so I can keep on delivering the magazine for free.

Cheers, Sietske

Special thanks to Gene, Joris, Sjoerd, my friends Nannette and Femke, Jill Humpreys, Frank Sieben, Carina Asp, Nicole Viliunas, David Kantey, Stuart Ross, Jay Kubassek, Danielle Wilson and my mastermind group with SFM/DEA. I couldn’t have done it without you!

PS. All texts have been reviewed by a native speaker.


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