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Ownit Magazine Supports Women with Inspiring Content to Make the Shift to More Meaning, Fulfillment, Love and Visibility. Don’t miss out on the powerful person that is already in you. No doubt about it, you’ve got the power. Own it. The world needs us to change it.



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You’re not alone. Like you, many women feel they are meant for so much more and long to do what matters. They just need a bit of encouragement and direction. Ownit is your guide to make you see your true and feminine potential, so you can rise and be visible, making the shift to more meaning, fulfillment and love in life, business or work. Go. Make something happen. Listen to your heart, it knows the way. No doubt about it, you’ve got the power. Own it. Don’t miss out on the powerful person that is already in you. The world needs us to change it. Read, watch and listen the new Ownit Magazines anywhere with the app. Own it and make a difference.

These magazines were published in 2017 and 2018. I changed the concept slightly to be more relatable, not featuring famous women on the covers anymore. You can visit the old issues on the newsstand of Joomag.

This is definitely the read women need. Full of real and raw interviews. The most inspiring material put together carefully and lovingly. In this world where we are now seeking more information about what makes people do what they do, and get to be successful through living their passion. If you are looking for an inspirational read with quality articles this is a one stop shop for it all.

Jill Humphreys

My Reason For Making Ownit Magazine

Ownit Magazine started out as a way to express myself and my creativity. My name is Sietske Cuhfus and I am a Dutch citizen. For a few years I've been involved in growing an online business, which was leading me on a path of self development, pushing my boundaries and finding my voice. Before that I lived my life with the brakes on and I felt unfulfilled, empty and sometimes unhappy. I knew I was not using all of my potential. With inspiration of other women, a push here and there and loving support I found true success for me. I am doing what I love and use my gifts to serve others. Let's do this together. Let's connect. Reach out to share your story of empowerment! I can't wait to meet you.

Watch the video 'Inspiring conversations' by Mikaela Bertilsson and publisher Ownit Magazine, Sietske Cuhfus

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"Our fear of power is ou​​​​r fear of becoming who we really are. This fear keeps us settling for less, instead of striving for more, shrinking to fit, rather than to play full out, clinging to safety to avoid taking the leap." 

Barbara Huson Author of Sacred Success